Custom Frames

A look inside the world of frames

This line of exclusive finishes has developed through an organic and fluid process of trial and error, mostly error, over a long period of time. It began when a client asked if I could re-create the finish and texture of an old and busted up framing sample of a defunct company for a portrait of her daughter. I graciously accepted the challenge and through trial and tribulation, “Beth Gold” was born. Since, I have had the pleasure to craft finishes for dozens of new clients with various desires. Each new creation carries the name of such, just as the original. Works of my own imagination are named after family, friends or colleagues.
Each surface treatment begins with a ‘blank canvas’ of raw wood. What it becomes from there is as boundless as ones imagination. Color, Texture and finish can be manipulated to any degree, from the simple to the complex, to suit varying tastes of clients, from a simple paint to match wall or trim color to complex gold, silver or copper leafing. Our talents in finishing and surface treatments are not limited to framing. Just as when this exploration into the art of the finish began, we are still just as willing and eager to explore new directions and ideas, be they of our own imagination, that of a client or a collaboration.